Eco-Innovation Initiative 2013

As investment in clean technologies is constrained by the current economical situation, in 2008, EU has launched the call for projects “CIP Eco-Innovation” for 2013 with an available budget of EUR 31,585,000. It is aimed at projects concerned with the first commercial application of techniques, processes or practices for eco-innovative community interest whose evidence has already been successful, but that due to the new technology risk... Read More

Business Model Application No.2: Renewable trigeneration based on wood chips or waste wood

This business model shows a possibility of sustainable supply of cooling, heating and power to an industry area through an trigeneration CCHP (combined cooling, heat and power) plant, based on biomass (woodchips and/or waste wood). Renewable trigeneration power plants (woodchips and/or waste wood) to meet the needs (complete or partial) of heating and cooling of a cluster of industrial buildings in an industry area. The energy prices and guaranteed... Read More