Not all solar panels are equally “green”

According to a recently published analysis by the Solar Energy Journal, solar panels produced in China are responsible for twice higher carbon emissions than those produced in Europe. This result comes from the lower energy efficiency of Chineese factories and the lower environmental protection standards applied, together with the wide use of coal and fossil fuels in the Chineese energy mix. Additional emissions derive from the transportation of panels... Read More

The global installed capacity for plants over 10 MW reaches 14 GW

The cumulative global photovoltaic power for over 10 megawatt photovoltaic systems reached 14 GWat the end of last June, according to a report published by the U.S. market research firm Wiki-Solar. China and the United States are close to reaching the threshold of 3 GW, with respectively 2,976 and 2,928 megawatts of installed capacity for large plant. Germany occupies the third position with 2,864 megawatts, while Spain and India follow with respectively... Read More

In april in Italy the photovoltaic touched the 10% of total energy production

In April in Italy RES contributed for the 40,2% of the total amount of the energy production, covered the 35,6% of the electricity needs. Down compared to April 2012, the thermoelectric production (-13.7%) and wind (-1.9). Up sharply than the same period of the last year the hydro electrical production (+61%) and the photovoltaic with 2,2 TWh (+35,2%). That means about 8,8% of the total request and the 9,9% of the total net production. These numbers... Read More

Successful GBE FACTORY training of financial and business agents in Graz, Austria

On the 18th of April 2013 a GBE FACTORY training event for financial and business agents was organized in Graz by SOLID (PP4) and the Styrian Internationalisation Centre. A great interested party with 39 financial and business agents was attending the event. At the beginning the content and the aim of the GBE FACTORY project was presented. Expert presentations about industrial process improvement, photovoltaic, biomass & biomass CHP, solar thermal,... Read More

PV and Biogas Co-generation in Huge Industrial Halls

SMA Solar Technology AG The  SMA Solar Technology AG, a leading solar inverter producer, has in 2009 inaugurated the Solar Plant 1, a new production hall with a CO2-neutral energy concept. Every day up to 4000 solar inverters of different sizes and types can be produced, making it the currently largest factory of its kind. While not a fully selfsufficient energy supply, the model of the factory is linking regional availabilty of renewable energy... Read More