Reference cases Report to download

30 GBE FACTORY reference cases have been collected in order to create a critical-mass of knowledge for the implementation of high value projects across Europe. The presented reference cases include data from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Slovakia, from various strategic market sectors like food industry, brewery and winery industry, machinery, building services, chemical industry, real estate, cellulose paper industry, tourism Industry, foods... Read More

Exemplary cases report to download

Among the 30 reference cases collected, and other proposals coming from innovative ideas/projects around Europe, 10 GBE FACTORY exemplary cases have been selected representing the best cases from the point of view of technology, return of the investment and mid term sustainability. The presented 10 GBE Factory exemplary cases include cases from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Slovakia.     Download GBE Factory Exemplary cases report... Read More

In april in Italy the photovoltaic touched the 10% of total energy production

In April in Italy RES contributed for the 40,2% of the total amount of the energy production, covered the 35,6% of the electricity needs. Down compared to April 2012, the thermoelectric production (-13.7%) and wind (-1.9). Up sharply than the same period of the last year the hydro electrical production (+61%) and the photovoltaic with 2,2 TWh (+35,2%). That means about 8,8% of the total request and the 9,9% of the total net production. These numbers... Read More

Market Analysis in Italy

Da oggi è disponibile l’Analisi di mercato sul fabbisogno energetico del distretto del mobile di Livenza e potenzialità per la diffusione di investimenti GBE Factory.     Scarica l’Analisi di mercato in formato pdf.   Read More

The Padua Logistic Hub: a Case Study from Industrial Sector

The Padua Logistic Hub has been finished in 2010 and it represents the biggest photovoltaic roof of Italy: in fact on the roofs around 12.3 million of Watt has been installed, and 7 shelters used as parking covers. The energy produced by the plant is able to provide energy to 4000 families.  This is a great example of 18 GBE Factories “under the same roof” : the old asbestos roofs have been replaced by a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.... Read More