The Padua Logistic Hub: a Case Study from Industrial Sector

The Padua Logistic Hub has been finished in 2010 and it represents the biggest photovoltaic roof of Italy: in fact on the roofs around 12.3 million of Watt has been installed, and 7 shelters used as parking covers. The energy produced by the plant is able to provide energy to 4000 families.  This is a great example of 18 GBE Factories “under the same roof” : the old asbestos roofs have been replaced by a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.... Read More

Models : GBE Guide

A description of different GBE FACTORY Models was carried out referring to the best Business Models in the different partner countries. Also the existing European or international best practices concerning the integration of RES in warehouses was collected. All this information have been included in the “GBE GUIDE”.  Read More