Waste Heat of Servers as RES

AMSEC building is a modern office building and computing centre housing more than 300 high end servers. The waste heat of the servers and floor distribution racks is used for heating in the building. Cooling is performerd by heat pumps using groundwater. Comparing to a conventional office building 70% of the heating- and cooling costs and 40% of electricity can be reduced. Best Practice AMSEC Building_  Read More

Hot-air Heating with Renewables

The company Sieveke is a carpentry with a long tradition, it was founded in 1912. They employ about 40 people, mostly engineers, master carpenters and carpenters. The company develops and produces wooden products like roof structures, wooden walls, window frames and wooden bungalows. The wooden parts are produced in the workshop with CAD/ CNC assistance and are integrated on the construction site by the company’s own staff. The company installed... Read More