Reference cases Report to download

30 GBE FACTORY reference cases have been collected in order to create a critical-mass of knowledge for the implementation of high value projects across Europe. The presented reference cases include data from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Slovakia, from various strategic market sectors like food industry, brewery and winery industry, machinery, building services, chemical industry, real estate, cellulose paper industry, tourism Industry, foods... Read More

Exemplary cases report to download

Among the 30 reference cases collected, and other proposals coming from innovative ideas/projects around Europe, 10 GBE FACTORY exemplary cases have been selected representing the best cases from the point of view of technology, return of the investment and mid term sustainability. The presented 10 GBE Factory exemplary cases include cases from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Slovakia.     Download GBE Factory Exemplary cases report... Read More

New potential for wind farms in German forests

According to the statistics, Germany represents around 30 percent of total wind installed capacity in Europe and 12 percent of global installed capacity. In the past year, the total installed capacity accounted for 31,331 MW. Nevertheless the high density of human settlements in South Germany has created problems in the construction of new wind power stations, especially in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hessen. A brilliant solution to the problem... Read More

Marktanalyse im Bundesland Brandenburg

Die Marktanalyse im Bundesland Brandenburg ist  jezt verfügbare zum herunterladen.     Ziel dieser Analyse ist die: • Auswahl einer geeigneten Branche, die sich für die Durchführung der im Rahmen des Projektes GBE-Factory geplanten Modellvorhaben eignet sowie; • Ermittlung des Bedarfes und des konkreten Interesses der Branchenvertreter hinsichtlich der durch das Projekt gebotenen Unterstützungen; Laden Sie die Analyse im PDF-Format.  Read More

Hot-air Heating with Renewables

The company Sieveke is a carpentry with a long tradition, it was founded in 1912. They employ about 40 people, mostly engineers, master carpenters and carpenters. The company develops and produces wooden products like roof structures, wooden walls, window frames and wooden bungalows. The wooden parts are produced in the workshop with CAD/ CNC assistance and are integrated on the construction site by the company’s own staff. The company installed... Read More

PV and Biogas Co-generation in Huge Industrial Halls

SMA Solar Technology AG The  SMA Solar Technology AG, a leading solar inverter producer, has in 2009 inaugurated the Solar Plant 1, a new production hall with a CO2-neutral energy concept. Every day up to 4000 solar inverters of different sizes and types can be produced, making it the currently largest factory of its kind. While not a fully selfsufficient energy supply, the model of the factory is linking regional availabilty of renewable energy... Read More

A Multi-RES Building

Programm “Haus der Zukunft” This highly energy-efficient office building is a reference projects to increase popularity of highly energy efficient construction projects. The Energy Base office building  was planed and initiated together by architects, scientists and specialist consultants in an integral planning process. It is an outstanding building due to its innovative architecture, advanced building technologies and the highest possible... Read More

Combination of Sun and Wind for Leisure Industry

   Foto: DH Fotostudio Köln The Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria is a 4 stars city hotel with 69 rooms, a breakfast room and two cocktail bars, situated in Freiburg, Germany. They started their environmental project in 1985 but a big improvement was done during spring of 2002 when they replaced old oil-based heating system by a modern wood-pellet heating system with a exhaust-gas cleaning system. Afterwards, during spring of 2007, an eco-friendly... Read More